Britney Spears Pictures

Gallery 4

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Early Britney Spears in blue sitting on the floor
sultry Britney Spears in denim min-skirt and light-pink top teasing a post
Britney Spears head and sholders portrait with atmospheric lighting
Britney Spears in low-cut vest and pink trousers against a bright blue background
energetic picture of Britney in a dull green jump suit.
early Britney Spears image on hairy carpet
Britney Spears singing at concert in black leather mini-dress
Britney Spears in shocking pink vest and tight, black, PVC trousers
Britney Spears in Wilma Flintstone style, white mini-dress, perched on the end of a sky-blue, satin bed
Britney Spears lying seductively on a sky-blue satin bed, wearing tight white hot-pants and a white cotton vest with a Roy Liechtenstein comic image of Wonder Women on the front
Britney Spears in white top and trousers sitting on a green chair with bubblegum pink bubles in the air for no apperent reason
Black and white image of Britney on the porch again leaning against a post.

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